Friday, August 10, 2012
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合作的非华人个人或机构自愿结成,是一个联谊性、非盈利、 非宗教、非政治性社会组织


Zhejiang UK Association, short for ZJUKA was formed by volunteers from Zhejiang province, overseas Chinese; non-Chinese individuals and organizations. ZJUKA is a social network. It is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political association.


      本协会是以立足英国、 联系乡谊、 广交朋友、 增进友谊

团结互助、服务会员、促进浙江省友好交流、加强合作、宣传 浙江、振兴浙江为宗旨。


ZJUKA is based in the UK. It is there as a way for people from Zhejiang to make new friends; help each other and offer services to its members. Its aims are to promote friendship, strengthen cooperation; increase awareness and facilitate vitalization of Zhejiang.


      凡浙江籍或在浙江工作、 生活、 学习、 居住过,或浙江

人的亲友,热爱浙江,承认本会章程,年满16岁,愿意为浙 江发展服务的个人或单位,均可提出申请加入本协会;  凡热心

浙江发展的社会各界人士、企业家、社会工作者和社会活动家 ,承认本会章程,均可提出申请加入本会。


Those who were born, work, live, study or have friends and family in Zhejiang; people who love Zhejiang, over 16 years old with recognition of the charter of ZJUKA; and individuals and groups who are willing to contribute to the development of Zhejiang are all welcome to apply for membership. Anyone, from entrepreneurs to social workers and social activists, who are enthusiastic about the development of Zhejiang with recognition of the charter of ZJUKA are all welcome to apply for membership.

英浙联章程 ZJUKA Constitution


自浙江的或与浙江有关系的中国人的联谊会。其成员均为具有 多元文化背景,并与中国有联系的 各类专业人士。我们组织各类活动以满足中英两国社团的需求 ,增进大家对中英两国的更多了解。


Zhejiang UK Association (UKZJA) is an association formed by Chinese who lives in UK and mainly come from Zhejiang province or have some connection with Zhejiang. Our members have various culture background and many of them have high achievement in their own fields. UKZJA would like to provide a platform for both the Chinese and British communities to enhance their knowledge and understanding of China and UK, to stimulate debate on key issues and to provide excellent networking opportunities. 


       英国浙江联谊会将定期组织一次的聚餐 - 演说活动给大家

提供了一个特别随意和热情的气氛,在这样的环境里相互交流 ,建立联系,获取有关正在变化中的中国情况。演说和辩论所 涉及的话题不仅符合大家的兴趣,而且也希望引起与会者健康 而理性的讨论。


Zhejiang UK Association holds monthly dinner/speaker events which provide a unique informal and welcoming atmosphere in which one can network and gain insight into the changing face of China. Its topical debates air issues of interest and concern to our members and generate healthy and sensitive discussion.



“英国”经验。因此,英国浙江联谊会致力于改变这种状况, 把联谊会办成一个所有对中英两国感兴趣或与中英两国事务有 关人士的首选之地,为这些具有相似意向或目的的专业人士们 提供一个现成的社团。英国浙江联谊会的目的虽然很简单可是 非常真诚:



Many Chinese people who live in the UK find it hard to gain a real "UK experience" of life. Our Association aims to fill this gap and be the number one destination for anyone interested in China and Britain - especially those whose works involve China and Britain and Chinese people move into and live in Britain – providing a ready-made community of like-minded professionals. The association's aims are simple but sincere: 



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